Most days you’ll find me in my studio, pink lemonade in hand, singing at the top of my lungs (badly) to old Disney movies while calligraphing and painting.


While my fancy official titles are calligrapher, watercolor artist and custom stationer, my passion is creating the heirloom designs that tell your love story on paper, that you will treasure and show to your grandchildren someday.

But unlike many creatives, this wasn’t ever what I planned on doing ..


.. because by day, I’m an architect designing K-12 schools to give students an engaging space to learn in.

So how did I get from architecture to stationery?

You see, when I started looking for my own wedding invitations, I realized how mass-produced the stationery industry was. Our love story is unique & special, so how could the suite that would invite our closest friends and family to our special day be impersonal, mass-produced and just like everyone else’s invitations?

I didn’t want to settle for something that was “just okay”, and you shouldn’t have to either. And thus, Lauren Perry Studio was born!

I serve up pretty paper from the sweet salty city of Norfolk, where I live with my husband Derek – who I met freshman year of college at Virginia Tech! We moved into our first home in 2017 – a white Colonial (with lots of character and old world charm), on a street with the same name as my best friend.


I’ve been serving couples all over the world since 2015, and have been honored to have had my work featured online and in print at places like Every Last Detail, Martha Stewart Weddings, Inspired By This, Coastal Virginia Bride Magazine and Carolina Bride Magazine.

want to get to know the girl behind the pen?



+ I have a weakness for Lilly Pulitzer – something about wearing those colorful prints just makes your day brighter!

+ Bring me some queso and a margarita (strawberry with salt, please) and I’m the happiest girl in the world

+ You won’t catch me without my big pearls and gold monogram necklace, they’re staples in my closet

+ I went to Virginia Tech, where I met my husband (freshman year in an 8 AM Physics class!) – Blacksburg will always be home!

+ My favorite color is aqua/mint blue – so many of my things are that color that my friends call it “Lauren blue”

+ Stationery isn’t my only love – by day I’m an architect designing K-12 schools to give students a fun, flexible learning environment

+ I was a member of Chi Omega at Virginia Tech, so my house is full of owls, which is probably pretty creepy to people who don’t know it was our sorority mascot

+ If I’m on a Netflix binge, it’s probably New Girl, Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, or Law & Order SVU (dun dun)

+ My shoe of choice all summer long are Jack Rogers, I even wore them for my wedding (aqua of course, for that something blue!)

where you invest your love, you invest your life



AND their trusty sidekick, queso and chips

One of our favorite Friday traditions is to head to our local Mexican restaurant for margaritas and queso. Cheers!


Did you know I’m also an architect?

By day I design K-12 schools to give students spaces that will make them more excited about learning!

southern traditions

i’M A SOFTIE For etiquette

I love creating a modern take on classic, southern traditions that you’ll love and will make Grandma proud!



Whether it is the beach, scuba-diving or swimming, I’ll do anything to be in the water. It is truly my happy place.


MY story:


my passion for telling love stories on paper


As I watched my friends get married, I heard over and over again about how they could never find invitations that were exactly what they were picturing. When I started planning my own wedding, I saw it first hand.

I spent hours searching all of the big name invitation companies, only to find several suites that were “okay”, but needed changes, and even then wouldn’t be exactly what I wanted.

I didn’t like feeling like our invitation was mass produced, and our information was just plugged in. The two of us and our relationship are unique, so why should the invitation which would invite our closest friends and family to the start of our marriage be cookie cutter?

Our own wedding invitation was the first invitation that I ever designed, but I knew it wouldn’t be the last.  Being able to create something so meaningful, and hearing our guests say it “felt like us” when they received it made our invitation such a special part of our day.

That’s why I love helping my couples turn what could otherwise be “just a piece of paper” into an heirloom piece that truly tells your love story, and will be a keepsake you treasure for years to come.