Beautiful Beginnings Wedding Giftaway Finalists

So, I have probably watched each of these videos 10 times and ugly cried through all of them! Having just celebrated my one year anniversary with my husband, marriage and the beautiful commitment you make to one another on the big day is on the forefront of my mind. Each of these applicants’ love stories are SO beautiful and it’s so clear how perfect they are for each other.

This group of fabulous vendors and I have teamed up to offer one of these couples a wedding, so that they can have a “beautiful beginning” to their marriage.

Wedding Planning | Raise the Ruth Events

Floral Design | Courtney Inghram Events and Floral Design

Photography | Chelsea Anderson Photography

Bridal Makeup | Dhalia Edwards

Hair Styling | Hair by Stephanie B

Videography | Joshua Bryan Cinema

Invitation Design and Calligraphy | Lauren Perry Studio

Venue | The Historic Post Office

Vintage Rentals | Mad Hatter Rentals

Not only are these vendors some of the best in their fields, they’re incredibly kind people that anyone would be lucky to have by their side on their wedding day! I could not be more excited about this gift, and to see who the lucky couple will be! To the applicants – even though there can only be one winner, know that you each have inspired me SO much, and I want to get to know each of you!!! Here I thought I was doing the gifting, but you all are the ones giving a gift to me by sharing your beautiful stories with me!

Courtney Inghram Events Richmond and Charlottesville Wedding Florist Founder of Beautiful Beginnings Wedding Giftaway

Here are the voting guidelines to keep in mind as we vote to choose the winner (I know, I know rules are boring but they’re a necessary part of life):

1. The voting form to select a winner is here:  We elected to use a Google form to vote on the winner, and each voter will be required to vote with their email address as a sign-in, limiting each email to one (1) vote, to ensure the voting process is as fair as possible.

2. Applicants, their families, friends. etc, are all more than welcome (and encouraged!!) to share the voting link on their social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, personal websites and more. The more the merrier, share the love! Some of the vendors involved, including me, will be personally “friend-requesting” and “following” each finalist on their public social media accounts, (because we are so excited for each of you and want to get to know you better!!) If we see any derogatory comments, demeaning public statuses/statements that are posted by the couple, that couple will forfeit their chances of winning. We want to keep this focused on the public choosing the most-deserving couple, and we certainly want to keep the experience positive for everyone involved. This is a happy celebration, not a competition! Know that your fellow applicants are just as sweet, deserving, and in love as you are. We know that each couple would love to win, and we just want to ensure that each finalist and their families and friends feel respected throughout the voting process.

3. The voting will be open from right now – 9 AM, September 16th through Sunday, September 25th, at 9 PM, so there is a little over a week to vote for the winner! We are also sharing the application video or document that the finalists submitted, so you (the voters) can get to know them like we did! Be warned, have a tissue box within reach, I am sure you will fall in love with each one of these amazing couples just like we did!!

And now drum roll please – here is the list of the finalists, handpicked by our team of vendors!!!

1. Lindsey Ide and Cody McCoy

Lindsey and Cody are just the sweetest two love birds, who have joined their families together and are ready to take the next step by getting married! Here is what Lindsey has to say about Cody: “We are great together, solve conflict well, keep each other laughing, he likes my butt, I like his beard… it just works, and I couldn’t imagine our love leading to anything BUT marriage. I thought time and time before, this is what love feels like… this is it. NO. Not until I met him did I realize what it truly was to have a best friend in your partner. He’s my better half, he makes me better than I was before. I am so glad he was the one God chose to be my soulmate”

Link to application video:

2. Margot Hamm and Nicholas Johnston

Margot and Nick stole our hearts with their amazing love story, and their raw honesty and authenticity. Here is what Margo has to say about when she knew Nick was “the one”: I think the moment I knew I fell in love with Nick was when he was just simply talking to Carson like a little human instead of like a baby. It was always so interesting to watch the two of them interact and play. I never in a million years thought I’d find a man that loves my son as much as I do. Nick would say the moment he realized he loved me was when we were having a discussion about whether we should buy a house or rent a house. He was the one that lead with “let’s just buy a house.” After he said it, internally he was thinking “wait, this is real, I love her.” Now we’re on our second house and it’s our forever home, so I guess you could say we made the right call!”

Link to application video:

3. Aaliyah Johnson and Shane Hempfield 

Aaliyah and Shane had the most adorable story starting at a young age-  they met when they were 12 & 14 (but apparently they barely spoke!!) Fast forward to several years later (while in college) here is what Aaliyah has to say about their very first date: “After talking here and there for a couple of weeks, we decided to meet up for dinner. I honestly didn’t think anything of it, and I took it as if I was meeting an old friend to catch up! Boy was I wrong! I smiled from ear to ear the entire time! He was so handsome, charming, and he made me laugh more than I had in such a long time! From that day on, I knew that our friendhip would soon blossom into so much more. This was the one person who had finally shown how I should truly be treated. As the months went by, we began to fall so deeply in love with one another, and ever since then, we haven’t looked back!!

Link to application video:

4. Jiney Cho and Stephen Reinstein

Jiney and Stephen were our “long-distance love-birds” who first met while Jiney lived in Virginia and Stephen lived in New York! After 9 years of being together, here is what Jiney had to say about their beginnings: “My fiance Stephen and I first met in 2007, online, through a mutual game we played. At the time, Stephen lived and worked in NY, while I was attending school in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Since we had a long-distance relationship, he would make an 8-hour drive down on Friday after work, and spend most of his paycheck to spend the weekend with me at college. On Monday at 12 AM, he would start his drive back to NY to be back in time for work at 8 AM. I think he liked me 🙂 “

Link to application document:

Good luck to all of the finalists, I am SO excited to see who wins!!!



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