Becca & Jimmy – Walden Hall, Culpeper, Virginia Wedding Invitations

This suite is extra special, because it is for one of my dear friends! Becca was my Chi Omega sorority sister, and one of my closest friends at Virginia Tech. From being roommates post-college, to staying up all night to shop the Lilly Pulitzer x Target collaboration, we have had so many wonderful moments together. I am honored that she asked me to design her invitation suite! Becca is the perfect combination of zany & lovable, and Jimmy is literally her in male form. The two of them could not be more perfect together!

When we first started designing their Walden Hall wedding suite, they immediately knew they wanted to feature a watercolor of their venue, Walden Hall, along with lots of watercolor florals. From there, we played with a few different layouts for the top of their invitation!

When we first got started, Becca told me that she was absolutely in love with having a circular ring of watercolor florals around their monogram. But, I decided (just in case) to send over two quick sketches that showed the option she thought she wanted, and a new one I was suggesting – a crest!

As it turns out, Becca & Jimmy fell in love with the crest option! It is so important to me to even though sometimes my couples come in with an idea of exactly what they want, to offer some similar suggestions. Sometimes you don’t know you love something you haven’t seen, and the benefit of the custom process is that you don’t have to pick just what you’ve seen on Pinterest! It can be completely tailored to you.

From there, we moved on to Proof One, where we nailed down the font & calligarphy. That way my couples can say “yes, I love it!” or “woop, just a sec, let’s tweak this!”.

Then in Proof Two – my favorite part begins! I add the watercolor, and everything goes from black/white/grey to full color!

Finally, it’s time to take a look at the whole suite together! We paired their response card with a dusty blue envelope, which just made the whole suite feel so happy!

I absolutely love how everything turned out, and remember that crest? I can’t wait to share how Becca & Jimmy used that on other elements of their Walden Hall wedding!

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