Ready to make a classic statement your guests won’t forget?

Imagine opening your mailbox and seeing a bunch of boring printed addresses on bills..

….and one calligraphed envelope created just for you.

Which one would you open first?

Don’t let your wedding invitations get lost in the shuffle, polish them off with calligraphy!

envelopes not included

Outer Envelope: $3.50 / envelope

Return Address: $2.00 / envelope

Inner Envelope: $1.50 / envelope

RSVP Envelope: $2.00 / envelope

Custom Calligraphy Return Address Stamp: $65

*Please note that there is a minimum order of $125 for envelope calligraphy.*

Pricing includes your choice of any of my calligraphy styles, in the ink color of your choice! There are no additional upcharges for specialty ink colors (such as my favorite, gold) or centering.


Please be advised that my calligraphy services typically book a few months in advance, so it is always best to procure your spot in the project schedule as soon as you determine you’d like calligraphy addressing! I can sometimes accommodate rush jobs, so please inquire even if you do have a shorter timeline and I’ll do my best to make it happen for you!

Looking for calligraphy that’s pretty as a peach on items other than envelopes?

I’m your girl.

Calligraphy can add a layer of timelessness and sophistication to any item.

Whether it’s for your wedding, special event or milestone, you can be sure that these pieces will become treasures!

Place Cards & Escort Cards (on paper): $1.50 / card

Place Cards & Escort Cards (on other mediums): $2.00 / card

Calligraphy Vows: contact for custom pricing

Signs: contact for custom pricing

Pricing for custom items varies depending on number of words and complexity of design.

Dreaming up details on a medium other than paper? Bring it on! I’ve calligraphed on everything from oyster shells, glass, fabric to leaves!