Interested in calligraphy, but not sure how the whole process works? Below you’ll find a short summary of the steps I take with each of my sweet calligraphy clients.

My turnaround time varies based on my current project schedule, so planning ahead is always a plus! Once you have a rough estimate of when your materials would be ready for calligraphing, we can get you on my project schedule – and check one more item off of your long wedding planning to-do list!


I want to hear all the details! Tell me all about your vision for your envelopes, your invitations, and all the wedding plans you’ve made so far!

If you’re local to Hampton Roads, we’ll meet up to look at samples and chat over coffee about calligraphy styles and ink colors. I’m also available for chats over Skype or phone calls if you aren’t close by!

To reserve your project on my schedule, I ask for a 50% non-refundable retainer.

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Once you’ve booked, it’s time to pop the bubbly – you’re officially a #laurenperrybride! I’ll get you all set up with your own custom client portal, where we’ll keep your timeline, etiquette guides, and address/guest list all tidy and easy to access.

Next, we’ll work on your address list. I’m here to help with any questions you might have, and to clear up any confusing etiquette rules.

Please Note: The timeline I gave you for your project starts once I receive all materials – this includes your envelopes & place cards (if you’re providing them) as well as your finalized address or guest list. If you’re providing the envelopes, cards, etc. to be calligraphed – I ask for 20% extra to account for any mistakes, ink spills, or last minute additions.


Here comes the best part – you get to sit back and relax! Pour yourself a glass of wine, put on a mud mask and go kick your feet up on the couch with some New Girl and the Bachelor.

Meanwhile, I’ll calligraph each of your pieces to perfection. Please allow about 2-3 weeks per one hundred envelopes and 1-2 weeks per one hundred place/escort cards, unless we have discussed a different timeline during your inquiry stage!


Once I’m done calligraphing, I’ll go through and double check that each one is perfect! I’m a stickler for making sure your pieces are calligraphed with exactly what your list shows.

Your pretty little pieces will be wrapped up safe and sound, and then they’re all yours to drop in your mailbox to your sweet guests or prep for display on your big day!

All finished with envelopes and looking for day of details? Or all set for your big day in white but want to make sure your thank you cards are all set for when you get back from the honeymoon? I’ve got you covered, darling! Just focus on your sweetie waiting for you at the end of the aisle and leave the paper to me!

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Ready to make a classic statement your guests won’t forget?