Invitation suite designed by custom wedding invitation designer

If you’re newly engaged, and beginning to think about your wedding invitations, you are probably overwhelmed with options! You’ve collected all of your favorite designs on Pinterest, and you love a little bit of this one, the font on that one, and the color scheme on the other one. Now, you just have to find somewhere that can create your perfect invitation! Enter, a custom wedding invitation designer!

While there are a wealth of wonderful websites and stores where you can purchase a pre-made designs, most brides find that they search through hundreds of designs and finally settle on a few – none of which really capture exactly what they dreamed of for their invitations. So why do they settle?

Well, most brides have the misconception that “custom” automatically means expensive! Surprisingly, most custom invitation designs cost exactly the same as if you were to purchase a stock design. Most invitation companies have large overheads that they must cover, causing you to pay the same amount for a stock design as you would pay for a custom design from a stationer.

Another benefit to custom design is that you can have complete freedom as to how the design looks – color, fonts, layout, paper styles and more! Most stock invitation designs allow the purchaser to change the words on the design, but that’s about it! You can’t change the colors to better match your wedding theme, you can’t change the layout if your invitation wording is a bit different and leaves awkward spaces, and you can’t change the font to make the invitation appear more or less formal or casual. What you see, is what you get!

With a custom design, your designer can match the color of your invitation suites to the other items that you have selected for your wedding. He or she can make the blues a little bit greener, the pinks a little less orange, until your invitation colors perfectly match what you envisioned.

Last but not least, perhaps the biggest reason for custom wedding invitation design is that you will be working one on one with someone who fully understands your wedding theme, style and what makes you and your fiance special. Next to your diploma, your wedding invitations are probably one of the most important pieces of paper that you’ll ever hold! It is the invitation to your closest friends and family to join you and your fiance on one of the most special days of your life. You deserve to have it look exactly how you always dreamed it would!

If you’ve decided custom designed invitations is the perfect way for you to capture the unique, goofy and steadfast love you and your fiance share, send me an e-mail at so we can get started designing something gorgeous for your big day!