Day of Details – Checklist and Timeline

The Save the Dates are done, the invitations are out, but you’ve been eyeing all those pretty details on Style Me Pretty and now you’re trying to figure out how to make those happen.

Here’s what you need to know in quick easy bullet points so that you can actually relax (gasp) in the weeks before your big day!

Day of Details Timeline

You should have your day of details ready to go no later than the beginning of the week of your wedding. I set that deadline for all of my couples because that week there are enough theatrics to deal with – family is starting to come in town, and it is time to celebrate! The last thing I want them dealing with is an e-mail from me asking about programs.

That means that you should book your calligrapher/stationer 2-4 months before your wedding date, to ensure that your project is on their schedule. Day of details are tricky because seating charts and place cards require quick turn-around times. A lot of brides don’t have their final list until 3 weeks before the wedding, and I just told you everything should be done a week before the wedding. So – that leaves just two weeks to turn those items around, yikes! Make sure you’re on their project schedule early so they are planning for that, or they likely will not be able to accommodate you. And if you really want them to love you, give them as much information ahead of time as possible. Some of the fun signage like bar signs, hashtag signs, etc. can be taken care of before your RSVPs are finalized, don’t leave those for a last minute rush!

Day of Details Checklist

Details are what set your wedding apart, and are great ways to infuse more of you and your honey’s personalities into your big day.

Here are some fun day of details that you want to be sure not to forget!

  • Seating Chart / Place or Escort Cards – Unless you have a completely open seating plan (in which case you’ll want to have lots of extra seats) you will need some combination of a seating chart and place cards or escort cards! These (obviously) depend on your RSVPs, so they are usually the last pieces finished. Not sure of the difference between place cards and escort cards? Click here to find out!
  • Table Numbers – These can be numbers, or words, or some of your favorite cities from your love story! Use them as an opportunity to make your wedding even more “you”.
  • Directional Signage – When Derek and I got married, our venue was a plantation that was off of the main road on a gravel road, so it was a little hard to find. We used that as an opportunity to make some really cute signs welcoming our guests to the wedding (and simultaneously letting them know they are going the right way). Our guests told us that they loved that little touch, because it made them feel even more comfortable and welcome. Consider using signage as a way to put your guests at ease and let them know they’ve arrived at the celebration!
  • Drinks Menu – Maybe you’ve come up with really cute signature drinks that you want to show off, or maybe you just don’t want your guests having FOMO and wishing they’d ordered a different drink that they didn’t know was available. Either way, having a drink menu (alcoholic or not) is a great way to let your guests know all of what is available, and keep the bar line moving along so that your guests are on the dance floor instead of waiting in line!
  • Hashtag Sign – I swear I see people asking for hashtag suggestions BEFORE they are even engaged now (what?!). Hashtags are a great way of crowd-sourcing photos from your guests, so let them know which one to use!
  • Chair Signs – These “Mr. and Mrs.” signs make for the cutest photos! You can also use phrases like “better together” or other lyrics!
  • Programs – These are especially important if you want to explain any traditions or religious customs that will occur during your ceremony. You can also use this space to thank your guests for being there, or as a fan if you’re having an outdoor wedding. One of my favorite programs featured a map of the venue on the back, so that guests could also find their way to cocktail hour, the restrooms, and the reception!
  • Reserved Signs – If you’re reserving spots up front for your immediate family, you may want to consider reserved signs! Most guests will shy away from sitting in the first two rows, but how awkward would it be for your sweet grandparents to come down the aisle and have no seat? Just make sure you let the people you’re reserving seats for know that they are reserved for them so they don’t sit somewhere else!
  • Favors – One of my favorite wedding favors was a little box with a donut in it, passed out at the end of the evening – the perfect late night snack! We designed stickers with the couple’s monogram to make the box even sweeter!
  • Tags for Bouquets/Boutonnieres/Corsages – These are one of my absolute favorite trends! Not only do they make for gorgeous detail photos (your photographer will love you) but they also make it easy to know whose is whose, and keep track of who hasn’t gotten theirs yet!
  • Ribbon Calligraphy – Have a favorite lyric, song or verse? Include it on your bouquet’s ribbon, or your girls’ bouquet ribbon! The calligraphy adds a soft subtle touch to your photos, and makes your day feel even more unique to your love story.
  • Cards – Last but not least, be sure you’ve grabbed a card for your sweetie and your parents! This is a note they’ll treasure for years to come (and will be in lots of your getting-ready photos) so make sure it is meaningful!

This is a long list, but a great way to make sure your big day is polished from head to toe! The key is to plan ahead and be intentional about where you are spending your time and money. Don’t try to take all of these on yourself, especially in the weeks before your wedding. A few really well done signs are much more impactful than a lot of hurried ones!


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