Four Years of LPS & Brand Reveal

So I couldn’t start this post out without first saying – THANK YOU! I am honestly dumbfounded daily when I think about where Lauren Perry Studio stands today.

When I started LPS, it was actually “Lauren Perry Calligraphy” and began as an Etsy shop where, like many new artists, I sold art prints and created calligraphy place cards. I’ll never forget screaming at my desk when I saw my first order come in for a whopping $7.00! I never dreamed that it would turn into a five figure business just while working on nights and weekends.

I feel like it is important to include that not to toot my own, but to remind new business owners that you can’t compare the beginning of your journey to someone else’s middle! Comparison is the thief of joy and something so many small business owners struggle with!

When I sat down with Kindly by Kelsea to talk about the vision I had for the new face of Lauren Perry Studio, what I kept coming back to was happy, classic, welcoming, and tradition. I wanted my brand to feel like a glass of cold lemonade on Grandma’s haint blue front porch.

As an architect and a stationer, the new Lauren Perry Studio brand was inspired by my love of southern architecture, colors and hospitality. We pulled the color palette from Charleston homes, the submark from the classic tradition of monograms, and the pineapple motif from the southern symbol of hospitality.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the new face of Lauren Perry Studio!


As with any successful branding exercise, Kelsea and I started out by compiling a set of images that made my heart flutter, with colors that had just the right “feel” and subjects that were not only beautiful, but meaningful.

No surprise to anyone, Lilly Pulitzer patterns found their way into the mood board, along with ginger jars, fluffy peonies and classic southern architecture!


From the mood board, we pulled out the colors in each image that popped. We kept the classic “Lauren Perry Studio pink” – a light pink with a hint of peachy orange mixed in that I’ve always used and loved. But this time, we added in some fun new players, including my absolute favorite color, mint a beautiful breezey light blue, and a classic navy.


While it is a departure from my old all-calligraphy logo, I could not be more excited about the direction for this new logo! It offers the polished, classic feel that has always been my goal for Lauren Perry Studio, with a hint of fun in the trellis/monogram motif. After having been in business for four years, I’m so excited to celebrate that milestone of experience by incorporating “Since 2015” into my logo.


You didn’t think I could leave the calligraphy off entirely, did you? For my secondary logo, we brought in my name in my trademark whimsical, fun calligraphy style. I’m so excited to use this logo for some of the more playful portions of my business!


It is always hard to pick a favorite, but this portion of the process had to be my favorite! When Kelsea and I first started talking about submarks, we mentioned monograms, envelopes, pineapples, and other fun details, but none seemed to stick. Even though pineapples are pretty trendy nowadays in business, they have always been a detail I’ve incorporated into my home design because of what they stand for. If you don’t know, pineapples are the southern symbol of hospitality.

My goal in incorporating pineapples into the LPS brand was to create a welcoming atmosphere for my couples, but also to inspire them to carry that through to their wedding details for their guests. Your invitation suites are your guests’ first glimpse into your wedding day, and while they’re coming to celebrate you – they are your guests! You want to love them well from day one by including all of the information they need, and making decisions with your day of details that make them more informed, comfortable, and feel more a part of your love story.

But how was I to combine my two favorite things – monograms and pineapples? When I sat down to draw the monogram/pineapple combination below, it’s like the ideas flew out of me! I’ll share the behind the scenes of those sketches someday, but from the moment I began I knew that this would be one of the most meaningful components of my new brand.

Paired with the trellis detail that Kelsea designed, it became a match made in heaven!


This was one of the last pieces that we added to the brand, but is another one of my favorites! I mean, how cute is it?! My tagline submark shares the design style that truly pulls on my heart strings – a modern take on classic tradition. My passion is to create pieces that embody the two of you as a couple, and that make grandma proud. I like to think of my style as all of the class and poise of traditional etiquette, with none of the stuffiness!


If you’re a business owner and don’t have a pattern – GET YOU ONE. I never realized how versatile they were until Kelsea created one for me.

You’ll see my patterns sprinkled throughout my website and social media, adding just a small touch of fun to an otherwise blank space!

And that’s a wrap! I hope that you love the new face of Lauren Perry Studio as much as I do, and thank you so much for joining me on this journey.

I could not be more honored to have you along on this journey with me, and all of you who have trusted me to play a small part in your special days are more dear to me than you will ever know!

Thank you for the past four wonderful years, and here’s to the next ones!

with love,


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