Free Printable Download – Fall Bucket List

I’m totally one of those girls who hangs on to the last days of summer like a butter on a biscuit, but now that fall weather has finally come to Virginia – I’m ready to bust out my Lilly scarves and fuzzy slippers!

You’d never guess this based on my very pink branding but Halloween is actually my favorite holiday! I nerd out over making sure the house is decorated spooky (but not scary), creating our costumes and look forward all year to passing out candy to trick or treaters. When I was a kid, the requirements for my dream home included 1) fireflies, 2) an ice cream truck, 3) honeysuckle and 4) lots of trick or treating. So basically, I’m living 5 year old me’s dream.

I’m super excited for all the festive autumn activities to come this fall so I’m sharing my “Fall Bucket List” of must-dos this season. Simply click on the image below to download a printable version for yourself!


I hope this gives you a fun little list of adventures, and feel free to let me know in the comments what I should add to next year’s list!

Wishing you all a season full of lots of warm, snuggly fun and sing-a-longs to the Nightmare Before Christmas! 


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