Greek Orthodox Cathedral Norfolk Virginia Wedding

One of the most wonderful things about being a stationer is you get to know and LOVE your clients really well, and Tina was no exception! I’ll never forget when Tina first inquired with me, and described to me her vision for her wedding – lots of bright, fun colorful florals, tied together with a desire to love hard on family & friends, and celebrate a beautiful start to a marriage (not just a wedding!) Talk about a dream client! I left our consultation at Starbucks totally excited and ready to start designing in the parking lot!

Tina and Zach said “I do!” last weekend at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Norfolk, Virginia which means that I finally get to share their invitations with all of you!

Each time I start designing a custom wedding invitation, I put together a Design Lookbook. That helps to make sure that my client and I are on the same page stylistically, with colors, and lots of fun inspiration photos. It’s really important to me that inspiration photos never include photos of other invitations. Each of my couples’ love stories are unique, so their invitations should be too! Instead of photos of other invitations, we use photos of florals, tablescapes, and in Tina’s case – even cotton candy!

From there, I share a couple of (really, really) rough sketches of what I’m picturing for the invitation suite, and if everything looks good, I move onto a more refined sketch of the entire suite!



Next up, we add the best part – the watercolor! For Tina and Zach’s suite, we pulled in inspiration from the florals that they were going to have at their wedding, to tie each step of the wedding day together. Tina and Zach’s style can best be described as classic, but bright and fun and I think we nailed it with this suite!

Last but not least, we pulled in the liner! From the very start, Tina was smitten with the idea of a floral liner. So of course – we had to make sure that made it into the suite! But with all of the beautiful florals in the rest of the suite, I wanted to make sure that the liner wouldn’t compete with the rest of the suite, but instead would be its own fun, statement piece! Enter, this gorgeous floral greenery lattice design!

You’ll often hear me say that liners should start the party as soon as your guests open the envelope, and these are no exception! Do any other stationers wish they could see each guest’s reaction as they opened the invitation suite? Real creepy, stalker in the bushes style. Because I just know Tina and Zach’s guests knew they were in for an amazing time when they opened these envelopes!

Tina, you were an absolute joy to work with, and I am forever grateful for incredible brides like you who trust me and keep the importance of the start of your marriage at the forefront of your mind!


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