How I Use Flodesk for Email Marketing

As a small business owner, you know how frustrating e-mail marketing can be. You want to love on those special people who have invited you into their inbox well, but you feel like you spend more time dealing with the logistics of an e-mail list than you do creating content that your subscribers will benefit from and love.

Enter.. Flodesk!

I switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk because it was so much easier to set up lead magnets! I am a self proclaimed tech nerd – I taught myself to code HTML/CSS at 13 – but I could NEVER figure out how to set up lead magnets in Mailchimp! It resulted in people not getting sent the information that they were interested in, or getting sent the wrong information. Our inboxes are cluttered enough already – we don’t have time for that!


Using Flodesk’s templates, you can quickly and easily create beautiful e-mails. All you have to do is drag and drop images, and fill in your text and you’ll have a professional looking e-mail.


Just like with the e-mail templates, Flodesk offers beautifully styled signup forms that are simple to just drop in your brand colors, and go! You can create different sign up forms for different lead magnets, so that when a subscriber signs up for your e-mail list from your website, Instagram, etc. Flodesk will know exactly where they came from! That is SUCH a huge help in understanding what content your visitors are really enjoying (so you can continue to make more of that) and what content you maybe think is great, but isn’t resonating with your audience.


This is 100% the reason that I switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk! Using Flodesk, you can create a workflow which can be triggered by a signup form. When someone signs up using a specific form, your workflow will trigger to send them a specific e-mail! So if I’ve created a signup form for my “Top 10 Calligraphy Tips”, if someone signs up using that form, it will automatically send them an e-mail with a link to download that PDF. Going forward, I use this information to see that 50 people have subscribed to my list because of that PDF, and maybe 10 have subscribed from a different PDF. Again, this will help track what content is and isn’t what your audience loves! You can also trigger the workflow to automatically add anyone who signs up via that form to your overall “Calligraphy” e-mail list. That way you can send them the PDF they signed up for, as well as easily send them additional calligraphy information since you know that’s what they are interested in!

If you’re ready to stop agonizing over your e-mail marketing, Flodesk is for you! For 50% off your membership (which makes it a steal at $19/month) and a free month on me, click here!

I so hope this helps you love e-mail marketing again like it has me! Cheers to prettier e-mails (and less stressed business owners!)



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