Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Workshop – Norfolk, Virginia

I am SO excited to share with you all that I have announced my next Introduction to Modern Calligraphy workshop!

The workshop will be March 18th from 10:00-12:00 at Jollity & Co. Party Boutique in Norfolk.

You don’t have to be naturally artistic to do calligraphy, and you don’t have to have perfect handwriting either. All you need to succeed is to be taught the proper way to use a calligraphy nib, when to re-dip your nib, how to hold your nib holder and some practice – all of which I’ll show you in Introduction to Modern Calligraphy!

From there, you can take your new skill and create gorgeous decor for your home, polished holiday cards or even calligraph your wedding invitation envelopes.

Sound like fun? Click here to get your tickets!

What’s Included?

– two of my favorite calligraphy nibs

– calligraphy nib holder

– calligraphy ink

– pen cleaner to keep your nibs in tip top shape

– 8 different calligraphy practice worksheets

– shopping list of where to find more calligraphy supplies

– drinks & snacks (because nobody ever learned well while they were hangry)

– unlimited questions during & after the workshop – I’ll be here to help you grow as an artist and answer any questions you have even after the class has ended!

Sound like fun? This class is limited to 25 students to provide an intimate setting and allow me to work with each student one-on-one, so don’t wait to grab your tickets – half of the class is already filled! This is a perfect class for a girl’s day, mother-daughter outing, or just to pamper yourself with a little “me” time.

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