Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Kit

Over the past several years, I have had so much fun teaching hundreds of students one of my favorite things – the art of modern calligraphy. Through the years, I’ve gotten so many messages saying that if I ever taught a class in their city, they’d LOVE to take it! Unfortunately, I’m just one person and even though I would love to, I can’t travel everywhere! For so long, I have been wanting to create a way to help all of you learn modern calligraphy when it is convenient for you.

So, I am SO excited to share with you my newest product, the Introduction to Modern Calligraphy at-home kit!

If you’ve always wanted to learn the art of modern calligraphy, but feel like you don’t have time for an in-person class, this is for you! This is for all of you moms who only gets five minutes to yourself once the kids go to bed, but have dreams of making beautiful pieces to decorate your home, or addressing your holiday card envelopes gorgeously for your sweet extended family. Or maybe you’re a new grad in a big city, looking to pick up a fun new hobby on the weekends now that you aren’t studying all of the time. If you want to learn calligraphy on your own time – this is modern calligraphy kit is for you.

The kit includes the following:

Ten Page Workbook (with tips, tricks, practice sheets & advice)

Calligraphy Nib Holder

Two of my favorite Calligraphy Nibs

Black Calligraphy Ink

The modern calligraphy kit is packaged and gift-ready for the holidays, for you to give to your mom, sister, or that creative friend who you’re always struggling to shop for. Or – you can gift it to yourself (no judgements here, #treatyoself).

I can’t wait to see how these kits help you and your loved ones create a more beautiful world through the art of modern calligraphy!


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