Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Workshop – Lesner Inn

My first Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Workshop of 2019 was so much fun! I hosted it at the Lesner Inn in Virginia Beach, which was an absolutely beautiful venue. Our workshop overlooked the water, and watching the sunset made it hard to focus on calligraphy!

Thank you to Morgan of Morgan Renee Photography for all of the beautiful photos of the workshop!

Each class includes two hours of instruction, plus all of the materials that you’ll need to be successful. After nearly 5 years of practicing calligraphy, I have done the difficult (and expensive) trial and error of nib holders and nibs – so you don’t have to!

The first thing we do in each workshop is learn what each tool is, and how it is used. From the proper way to hold a nib holder, and how to prepare a nib for ink, these beginning steps are so important for your long term success with nib calligraphy.

Next up, we learn about how to use the nib to apply ink to the paper. Through foundation skills and practice drills, we will start the muscle memory that you’ll need to ensure that your letters look beautiful.

Then, we go through each letter, in both uppercase and lowercase, so that you can trace my letters and learn how to make them yourself. One of the most frequent misconceptions with learning calligraphy is the belief that you have to have to have good handwriting or be really artistic to be successful, which simply isn’t true! My regular handwriting looks completely different than my calligraphy, and while being artistic may make you more comfortable holding the pen to start with, your success is 100% dependent on practice, proper form and muscle memory – not your natural artistic skills.

Last but not least, at the end of the workshop we practice stringing letters together, and touch on how to hone your own calligraphy style!

I had so much fun with everyone at my workshop on Wednesday night, thank you all for coming! If you’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy, head here to find out when my next workshop will be!


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