Lauren Perry Studio – Headshots

Happy Thursday, darlings! I’m so excited to be sharing my fabulous headshots from my session with Kristen Cranham Photography today!

Up until this point, all of the photographs on my website were taken by my husband and while he did an amazing job, they just weren’t quite cutting it for my growing business!

It is SO SO important to take the time for professional headshots not only for your business, but for yourself. Spending the day getting dolled up isn’t something that a girl gets to do everyday. If you’re like me, I usually hurriedly do my nails once they start looking really awful and the extent of “doing my hair” is blow-drying it. So, treating myself to a Saturday off of calligraphing and spending it getting gussied up with Makeup by Vega was just what I needed!

Kristen was absolutely so much fun to work with, and kept me laughing throughout the whole shoot. It is so important to feel comfortable with your photographer, because they are truly capturing your emotions! If you feel awkward and foolish, you’re probably going to look uncomfortable! We had so much fun taking photos twirling around in my dress, no matter how old girls get, we will always love twirly dresses!

When preparing for my headshots, one of the most important things to me was my outfits. Since my branding is very preppy and southern, I wanted to keep that look (which is how I like to dress anyway) but I also wanted it to be meaningful.


One of my favorite things about owning my own business is having the chance to be artistic, but also to celebrate girl power! Ever since watching her on The Hills, I have looked up to Lauren Conrad. She obviously has one of the best first names, but I’ve always admired her dedication. She worked her way up from an intern grabbing coffee, to CEO of her own clothing and lifestyle brand. And most importantly, she did it all with grace and class – something that is SO rare in Hollywood nowadays.

So when I picked this Paper Crown dress by Lauren Conrad, I felt like I was supporting and celebrating a fellow fabulous female! Lauren, thanks for continuing to inspire women like me to be strong, successful and chase our dreams!

I hope you’ll take the chance to get yourself all gussied up and pampered, even if it isn’t for photos! Pedicures cure all things!



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