LPS 29 Acts of Kindness


Happy July yall! I’m so excited not only because it’s my birthday month, but also because that means it is the first day of #lps29actsofkindness. This is the second year I’ve hosted this acts of kindness challenge, and I’m so excited to bring it back!

Last week I saw a graphic on social media that said “If you had the whole world’s attention for one minute, what would you say?”. My answer hit me immediately – be kind to one another. We won’t get on a soap box here, but so many of our world’s issues could be solved if we were just a little more kind.

So – what if I challenged myself (and you!) to practice more kindness, by committing one small, usually free, act of kindness every day?

I like to think that kindness is contagious, so think of that person you gave a genuine compliment to – maybe they went on to wait the awkward extra seconds to hold the door open for the person behind them. Then, maybe that person brought those books they weren’t going to read anymore to their local high school, which made that student spend her weekend volunteering. Kindness is contagious!

I’d like to challenge you to join me in this journey of committing one act of kindness every day up until my birthday on July 29th! The list below is what I’ll be using, but feel free to change it up! (Or -gasp- do more than one a day!) If you’re following along, please use the hashtag #lps29actsofkindness and tag me on social media @laurenperrystudio! I’ll surprise a couple of you with something since I caught you being kind!

1. Starbucks! (head to my Instagram stories @laurenperrystudio for a free coffee for you, and consider paying it forward for the person behind you in line!)

2. Gather up the books that you’ve read and don’t plan to read again, and gift them to a friend or local library!

3. Smile at everyone you see today. It will help them more than you may ever know!

4. Happy Birthday America! We wouldn’t be who we are without the brave men and women who protect our freedom. Write a card and send it to a service member. Click here to read guidelines for writing the letter, and where to send it.

5. While you have your cute stationery out, send a handwritten letter to your grandparents! Bonus points if you include a fun photo of you! They’ll love it.

6. While you’re out and about on your weekend, take a few moments to pick up any litter you see lying around!

7. This may be a hard one – but being kind to those close to you (not just strangers) is so important too! Be mindful today and put your phone away. Don’t take it out all day if possible. Spend intentional time with those there with you, not mindlessly scrolling.

8. You know all those clothes just sitting in your closet? They could be such a blessing for someone in need. Do a little clean out and take them to your favorite donation center.

9. Bake cookies for your coworkers! You’ll cheer everyone up, and be the office favorite for the day.

10. Compliment the first three people who talk to you today – and make it genuine and specific!

11. Leave some change on the vending machine, for the next person to get their afternoon snack fo’ free!

12. Heading out to dinner to celebrate Friyay? Leave your waiter the best tip you can afford.

13. While you’re out at parties, dinners, or whatever you’re up to this weekend – talk to the shy person. Make them feel welcome, comfortable, and loved.

14. It’s important to be kind to others, but you can’t pour from an empty cup. Spend 1 hour today doing something you really love! Be kind to yourself.

15. Leave encouraging notes on cars you pass by today! (Please be careful that there isn’t anything that will damage the car – that would be a womp womp). Click here to download my free “be awesome today” printable for an easy one to print out!

16. Donate food to your local food pantry. It can be items you purchased specifically to donate, or cans that you haven’t used! Gather up some non-perishables and head here to find your closest food pantry.

17. Recognize and tell a coworker or colleague that they are doing a great job. Cite specific things that they are doing wonderfully!

18. Let’s use social media for kind. Message a genuine compliment to three people today! This can be on Instagram, Facebook, whatever you like!

19. It’s the weekend, and time to be outdoors! Plant something today to be kind to our world. Not the outdoorsy type? Click here to help the pros take care of it.

20. Have you heard of kindness stones? They are wonderful, and for an art enthusiast like me – the perfect way to show love! Create some kindness stones and leave them somewhere special. They don’t have to be pretty, they just have to be kind!

21. Run a 5K (or walk) for a good cause. There’s an incredible app called Charity Miles that you can download on your phone, choose the charity you’d like to donate to, and it will donate a certain amount per mile that you run, walk, bike, or move!

22. Donate your old blankets and towels to a local animal shelter or SPCA! (Most shelters also post their “wish list” online – if you want to bring extra donations like pet food, cleaning supplies, etc.)

23. You know those songs that feel like Friday and immediately put a smile on your face? Make a playlist of joyful music and share it with a friend!

24. Support someone who is working towards their dream. Whether that means encouraging them, sharing their offering on your social media, or purchasing something from them yourself!

25. Take the whole day to not complain! No complaining about yourself, the way you look, someone else, traffic, no complaining!

26. Write letters to strangers who need them. Click here to learn more about the More Love Letters campaign! Imagine going through a difficult time, and then having hundreds of letters from strangers sending prayers and positive messages personalized to you show up. Beautiful!

27. Buy a small gift for someone, just because! Whether that’s a little dessert treat for a coworker, or something for your significant other – let them know you care!

28. Do something kind for your parents (or another parental figure in your life). Remind them how much you appreciate all that that they have done for you.

29. Last but not least – it’s my birthday! I have a very specific want for how I spend my birthday every year. My absolute favorite thing to do on my birthday is to go to the beach, and bring along a Taste sandwich and some fun drinks! So I am going to gift a Taste sandwich to a stranger on the way to their beach day! So – today I challenge you to gift a small part of one of your favorite things to someone. Maybe it’s as simple as sharing a bite of your favorite food, or treating someone to Starbucks (why are all my examples food-related?! haha). Share what makes you happy with someone else to spread the joy!

Thank you SO much for following along – it means so much to me! I would love to see the way you spread kindness through the hashtag #lps29actsofkindness and don’t forget to tag me @laurenperrystudio! Thank you for helping me ring in my 29th year in a way that is truly beautiful!


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