Save the Dates – Checklist and Timeline

You’re engaged and trying to navigate all of the crazy that is planning your wedding – andddd it’s just about to make you lose your ish. All of the details and deadlines feel like theatrics – but they’re looking a little more American Horror Story than The Greatest Showman.

I’m here for you, girl!

Here’s what you need to know in quick easy bullet points so that you can check your wedding paperie off your to-do list and get back to snuggling on the couch with your sweetie.

Save the Date Timeline

You should send your Save the Dates out 6-8 months before your wedding day. You can increase this to 8-12 months if you’re having a wedding outside of the country or if your wedding falls on a holiday or holiday weekend that might mean your guests need a little more time to make travel arrangements.

That means that you should book your stationer (and calligrapher, if you are dreading the hand cramps that come from writing out all of those addresses) about 8-10 months before your wedding day!

Save the Date Checklist

It can be hard to keep track of all of the details that you need to include in your Save the Dates, so here is a checklist that should make it easy peasy:

Things to Include:

Wedding Date – you do not need the ceremony time included yet, just the full date (i.e. January 1, 2019)

Location – this does not need to be the name of the venue or even the address unless you’d like to include that, all your guests need to know is the city and state (i.e. Richmond, Virginia) so that they can make travel arrangements!

Website – if you’d like your guests to be able to find out a little more information ahead of time, go ahead and include the address for your wedding website!

Formal Invitation To Follow – this isn’t required, but can eliminate any confusion for some of your guests who may not know what a Save the Date is. Let them know a formal invitation will follow, so that there isn’t any confusion about if they should be RSVPing yet, what time the wedding is, the venue, etc.!

You’ll want to plan ahead how many Save the Dates you’ll need, so that you aren’t over or under ordering!

Keep in mind that not every guest that you ultimately will be inviting has to have a Save the Date (although if you’re 100% sure you’re inviting them, why wait), but every guest that you send a Save the Date to MUST also get a formal invitation! It should go without saying, but once you’ve sent them a Save the Date there’s no bumping them to the B-list or off the list altogether!

Count up how many cards you’ll need for your guests (keeping in mind that # of guests does not necessarily equal # of cards!) and then add 10-15 extra in case you have any last minute additions, a pristine copy to be photographed, and a few extra for you to keep!

Other Questions to Ask Yourself:

Are you using an engagement photo? If yes, make sure you schedule your engagement photo session with enough time to get the photos back from your photographer, and pick your favorite, before you start design. You won’t know if you need a portrait or landscape design if you don’t have your favorite photo picked out yet!

Will the card be post-card style, or in an envelope? The USPS has size restrictions for post cards (which ship with less postage) and post cards can sometimes get beat up in the mail. If you want a larger sized Save the Date or want to make sure it arrives in pristine, envelopes are the way to go.

If you’re like me, you’re probably going to be going “where was that blog post that told me what I needed to do and when?” in about a month, so I’ve created an easy download here that has all of the information in it that you can print out and pop into your wedding planner binder (or save in your Google Drive folder if you’re the tech type).

Ready to knock out your Save the Dates? I offer a collection of semi-custom Save the Dates that are ready to ship in less than a month! Click here to shop the collection!


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