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One of the most common types of questions I get from my brides are etiquette questions. What is the proper way to address an invitation envelope? What wording should I use on my invitation?

Southern wedding etiquette is a tricky, but timeless tradition. One of the most important things to me here at Lauren Perry Studio is to find the perfect balance between honoring tradition and etiquette, while still keeping your invitation suite modern and fun. Enter, the southern wedding etiquette series! I will be answering some of the most commonly asked wedding etiquette questions, and sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks along the way!

When most people think of etiquette, they think of stuffy rooms filled with ladies in corsets drinking tea and eating petit fours off of china plates, and the hushed gasps that echo through the room if someone picks up the wrong fork to eat their salad. But I’m here to tell you that southern wedding etiquette is SO much more than that!

In true southern fashion, hospitality is key. From the moment your guests receive their invitation, you want them to feel cared for and welcome. Here are three of my favorite tips for composing an invitation suite that will impress every guest!

1.  Help Your Guests Get There

Whether most of your guests are from in-town or coming from far away, your wedding venue is likely not somewhere they’ve been before! Make sure to include the address of the venue on your details card as well as on your wedding website. If your venue is a little gem nestled away from main roads, you may want to include some directions as well just in case your guests aren’t able to find it on their GPS. One cute way to include directions without filling your details card with boring text is to have your invitation designer draw a map for you to include in your invitation suite! That way your guests can get to your venue easily (and on time) and your invitation suite will still stay curated and gorgeous.

2. Don’t Forget The Little Things

Just like each couple is unique, each wedding is unique! Even if your guests are wedding experts, there will be parts of your wedding that are unlike any other. Is your gorgeous ceremony location in a grassy field? You may want to let your guests know to leave the stilettos at home and opt for wedges instead.

3. Do Forget The Gifts

You and your hubby-to-be spent all day perfecting that Pottery Barn registry and you can’t stop thinking about how cute your new home together will be! You may be tempted to put your registry information on your invitation suite, thinking you’re being kind and keeping your guests from wasting time looking for it. But under NO circumstances should you mention gifts on your invitation suite! Mentions of gifts on your invitation suite leave guests thinking that you’re more interested in their present than their presence at your wedding. If you must include your registry information, the best place to include it is on your wedding website, so that you’re making it available to your guests, but not shoving it in their face!

I hope these southern wedding etiquette tips have helped prepare you to conquer the wedding planning process with poise and grace! Still have questions, or have a tricky etiquette situation that you’re not sure how to handle? Comment below, or send me an e-mail and I’d be happy to help you through it!




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