Virginia Calligrapher – Studio Reveal

Hey friends! So a few months ago you may remember that my husband, Derek, and I bought our first home! We moved from our apartment in Virginia Beach to the cutest little Colonial in Norfolk. I have always dreamed of a house with a lot of character and the original hardwoods, built-in bookcases and molding in our home has been the perfect answer to our search for a southern home.

With a new house, came a new studio for this Virginia calligrapher! Our two bedroom apartment didn’t leave me with a lot of space, so like lots of new business owners, my business was built out of a desk in the corner of our second bedroom. Thanks to all of your support, love and encouragement, I quickly outgrew that space and was THRILLED when we found a house with a room we could dedicate 100% to my studio. No more awkwardly hiding my hundreds of envelopes when guests stayed over, or using the bed as a staging area. I am pleased as punch, yall!

When we first moved in, the room looked like this! The walls were white, and there was a funky brass and yellow light fixture that made anything and everything in the room look like an Oompa Loompa.



But, I saw the potential in that little room! I fell in love with the two huge windows with classic trim, and I knew that with a little paint this could become my dream space. Since it was previously a bedroom, there was even a closet! With a fresh coat of paint and some wooden shelves, it became the perfect space for storing my branded boxes, tissue paper, and all of my envelopes that are queued up to be calligraphed!


Immediately after moving in, we switched out the light fixture to a bright, chrome LED fixture. Can you say energy efficient AND color rendition to die for? My architect heart was so pleased with this one, you guys. Next up was a fresh coat of paint, and thanks to some hard work, assistance and sweat equity from my sweet parents, we transformed the space! And, Dad only made fun of me a few times for painting my studio pink. After garnering some inspiration from Pinterest and the addition of a few new pieces of furniture, she was ready to go!

I recently had the chance to catch up with my wedding photographer, Michelle from Michelle Renee Photography, from when Derek and I got married back in August of 2015! (You can see our wedding on her blog here – let’s just say it was a blast, we LITERALLY broke the dance floor and my toe still has a scar to prove it). It was so much fun re-connecting with her and sharing how things have changed in the last two years, especially now as a vendor instead of a bride! I was so grateful to work with her again in this new season of life to capture my studio. I’ve always loved how vividly she captures colors and her laid-back personality makes being in front of her camera so easy.

So without further ado… here’s what the space looks like today!


I am SO thrilled with how my new space turned out, and ecstatic that I’m able to finally share it with you all! As a calligrapher without a doubt, my favorite part of the new space is my desk! In my old studio (if a corner of a second bedroom can even be called that) I only had room for a small desk. This proved to be tricky when calligraphing envelopes. After each envelope is calligraphed, it gets laid out to dry – and with orders of 100+ envelopes during wedding season that space can be overwhelming! This new L-shaped desk allows me to calligraph on one side, turn, and stack envelopes on the other desk. It sounds SO silly, but it’s the stuff of dreams, yall. Fellow calligraphers, take notice and #treatyoself.

The bookcase across from my desk serves as the perfect place to display some of my favorite books to consult, including Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette book and Kate Spade’s All In Good Taste. The little white box is the perfect way to keep all of my nibs organized and safe until they are used, and blush, mint and gold boxes hold spools of silk ribbon and branded material.

Last but not least, I upgraded the blank wall behind my desk by framing some of my favorite recent wedding invitations that I’ve designed. Each is sentimental for different reasons, and there are SO many more that I would love to hang so I see an invitation gallery wall in my future! In the center of them hangs my own wedding invitation, to remind me where it all started and how far I’ve come!

I’m so thankful for this little slice of heaven that has allowed me a space all to myself to get creative for my brides!

Desk with Bookshelf: Ikea Expedit Desk | White Desk: Ikea | White Display Shelf: Ikea | Gold Frames: Target

Curtains: Target | Desk Chair: Wayfair | Gold Lamp: Target | Side Chair: TJ Maxx

Throw Pillow: Lilly Pulitzer | Gift Boxes: Sugar Paper



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