What is the difference between copperplate and modern calligraphy?

Ever wondered what is the difference between copperplate and modern calligraphy? You’re not alone. Today’s brides have a wealth of calligraphy and lettering options available to them. From modern calligraphy, to hand-lettering to faux calligraphy, not all scripts were created equal!

So what is the difference between copperplate and modern calligraphy, you ask?

Copperplate and Spencerian calligraphy is what most people think of as the “traditional, classic” calligraphy. It’s the rigid, controlled calligraphy that you’ve likely seen on old Bibles, poems, and the Declaration of Independence. Copperplate calligraphy will sometimes have small flourishes, and sometimes it will have large, swooping flourishes that dance across the page! It’s a beautiful script, and what most people would picture as traditional calligraphy.

However with many brides looking for a more modern, fun style for their wedding invitations, calligraphy has evolved a bit to include a new style – modern calligraphy!

Modern calligraphy is kind of like copperplate calligraphy’s colorful, zany daughter. It is still very much rooted in the controlled, governed style of traditional calligraphy, but it takes the opportunity to have a little bit more fun. Modern calligraphy introduced varying baselines, romantic flourishes, and a little less control over letters, to allow each piece of calligraphy to almost dance across the page.

When you are looking for a calligrapher for your wedding invitations or envelopes, make sure you know the difference between copperplate and modern calligraphy so you can search and find a calligrapher with exactly the look you’re wanting!

All of my calligraphy work is considered “modern calligraphy” since my calligraphy styles allow a little more play in the lettering and have a more whimsical feel to them.

Of course I’m biased, but I love all of the benefits that modern calligraphy gives to brides. It allows today’s modern bride who loves a modern, bright, fun look to keep her invitations modern looking, while still keeping mom, grandma, or any other important figures in their wedding planning process who love a traditional look happy!

If you’re looking for a modern calligrapher, click here! I work with brides locally in Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Richmond and all across the world!



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