Why Your Calligrapher Is Your Best Friend

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If  you are in the midst of wedding planning right now, you know how stressful selecting each component of your day can be. You are working hard to make sure that each piece of your day comes together seamlessly to create the look you’ve been dreaming of for so long! A wedding is a celebration of the love that you and your fiance share, and most importantly, the day you finally marry the love of your life! But, your wedding is also a very special time for many of your friends and family members, and the perfect time for you to thank them for all of the time and love they have invested in you. One of the best ways to immediately elevate the occasion is calligraphy!

1. Give Your Invitation the Packaging it Deserves!

When you invite a dear guest to your wedding, the first thing that they will see is your wedding invitation. Your invitation will give them a “sneak peek” of your wedding tone, theme and style. There are so many times that you see a breathtaking wedding invitation only to be disappointed by the envelope that houses it. You have probably spent a good deal of time and money picking out the perfect wedding invitation, and when you received it, held it in your hand like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket thinking it was the single greatest thing in the world! Sadly, all too often that beautiful piece of artwork that you love gets thrown into a plain envelope with hurried handwriting on the front because it’s almost wedding time and these things have to go out the door! Your calligrapher can ensure that the beauty of your invitation is maintained throughout your entire suite. From RSVP envelopes to inner envelopes to your typical mailing addresses – your calligrapher can create a package for your invitations that makes your guests feel like they’ve received a gift!

2. Save Your Sanity and Time

As any bride-to-be knows, time is precious! You’ve got a to-do list a mile long, and you’re staying up until 3am researching florists! The name of the game in wedding planning is “delegate”. Anything and everything that you can delegate, should be! While I was a DIY bride myself, my biggest “lesson learned” to impart on future brides is to choose carefully what pieces you do yourself! Pick one or two DIY components, and leave the rest to the professionals! Your calligrapher can create a cohesive look for all of your paper products and signage for your wedding – which leaves you with plenty of time to conquer the rest of your to-do list, enjoy this special time being engaged, celebrate with friends and family, and most importantly get your much needed rest so that you look your best for your Big Day!

3. It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Let’s face it – most things in the wedding industry are expensive. It seems like as soon as you say wedding, whatever you thought things should cost is tripled! The good news about calligraphy is – it doesn’t have to be expensive! While there are certainly things that cost more than others, speak to your calligrapher about your budget! A good calligrapher can suggest options to combine pieces of hand calligraphy with pieces of digital printing to give you the look you want – for less! Our goal here at Lauren Perry Studio is to give you one of a kind designs and memorable pieces, not to leave you in debt from your wedding paperie! We are always happy to work with any client to create something amazing and on budget!

If you are in the midst of planning you and your to-be’s dream day, consider adding calligraphy to impress your guests, and leave you with keepsakes that you will treasure for years to come. Contact Lauren for a custom quote for your wedding day paperie!

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