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If you’re like me, you probably make grandiose New Year’s Resolutions every year and pick out your word of the year only to find yourself back on the couch watching New Girl come February. (But I’m sorry, laughing along with Winston is SO much more fun than working out or any of my other goals will ever be. Why has nobody started a workout program that involves watching New Girl?!)

To help all of us actually keep our resolutions and practice our word of the year this year, I’ve designed a free printable for you. Print this out, fill in your big, hairy, scary goals, and post it somewhere you’ll see it every day.

Since I’m all about pursuing pretty, I’ve gone ahead and calligraphed a few of my favorite “words”. In the PDF, you’ll find:

action | adventure | balance | bloom | bold | brave |confident | content | create | courage | devoted | embrace | faith | fearless | focus | grace | gratitude | grow | hope |intentional | joyful | less | love |nourish | peace | present | purpose | rest | shine | simplify | thrive

If none of those are your words, no worries! At the very end you’ll find a blank template for you to fill in the word that resonates with you.

So what’s my word of the year? I’ve picked two, because I believe they go hand in hand – content and intentional.

You may have seen on Instagram that my husband and I spent a great deal of time (and moolah) renovating our kitchen at the end of the year. With all of the big changes we made, we still found the “want” monkey creeping up on our backs. Now that we had this beautiful kitchen, our older dishwasher didn’t look nearly as nice. Surely we had to replace that, right? Our new stove was so beautiful that these (perfectly good) potholders had to go, they’re all stained. We can’t have that.

Do you see how something that was new, and already such a huge blessing created a domino effect in our lives for wanting more?

This also has found its way into my business / work life. I was so thankful for a year of incredible success in LPS paired with growth and advancement in my career as an architect. When setting goals, I found myself wanting to push the envelope (haha, pun not intended). I’m an enneagram Type 1 / Type 3, which means that at my best I’m constantly making lists, highly driven and ambitious. But that also means that at my worst, I’m needing to be affirmed, impress others, and easily fall into workaholism.

This year, my goal is to be content. Content with just where I’m at, both in my goals and in the “stuff” we have. Happiness comes from within, not just from what things you’re surrounded with or your success.

But paired with contentment is intentionality and the ability to know the difference between what is worth pushing for, and when it’s okay to just take a break on the couch. Just like it isn’t healthy for me to sacrifice my personal life for work, it’s not healthy for me to neglect work altogether on the premise that “I’m being content”. You must be intentional with what you choose to spend your time on.

Now that I’ve bared my whole soul to the internet.. delete button? (Which enneagram types are the brave ones? I need you!) I’d love to hear what big, scary, hairy goals you have for next year! If you’re feeling drawn towards the pursuit of “contentment”, I’d love to have you join me in practicing Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge! I’ll be practicing it from January – March of 2019. Seems like the perfect way to start off my year with good habits!


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